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How We Source Our Fabric

How We Source Our Fabric

To be sustainably mindful, we only use recycled, repurposed but mostly dead-stock fabric, sourced from all over the world. Our suppliers gather the fabric from luxury haute couture fashion houses and we select what we like. Hence, the designs are inspired by the fabric and not the other way around. 


We focus on natural, luxurious materials, especially silk and cotton.


The quantities we get from each pattern/fabric depend on two things: 


  • Availabilty: Naturally the availability of dead-stock fabric is different to normal fabric. It is mostly sold in 1 x 3m pieces. While you can sometimes find 10 x 3m pieces, in many instances this is not the case. 


  • Our inspiration: When we see a fabric that we like but aren’t sure how to implement, we initially get a small quantity to experiment. For this reason, in rare cases, you may find sold out items coming back to stock.



It is not just our textile that is sustainably sourced. All of our accessories from the satin on our reusable lace packaging to all of the buttons on your garments are handpicked and repurposed.


Because the quantities are limited, we get to create unique, limited edition and sustainable pieces. 





You are different, and we want to celebrate that!













Want to learn more on how we source our fabric? 

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Love all of the beautiful fabrics that you source! Makes Zakeia so special 😍🙌🏻

Clara M.

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