How We Source Our Fabric?

In order to be sustainably mindful, we only use recycled, repurposed or dead-stock fabric. Our fabric is sourced from all over the world and most of it is dead-stock from famous couture houses.
We focus on natural luxurious fabric especially silk and cotton.
Our suppliers gather the dead-stock fabric from the luxury fashion houses and we select the ones that we like. Hence, the designs are inspired by the fabric and not the other way around. 
The quantities we get from each pattern/fabric depends on two things: 
      (1) Availability 
      (2) Our inspiration
(1) For sure the availability of dead-stock fabric is different to normal fabric, it is sold in 1-3m pieces and sometimes you can find 10 x 3m pieces but often times this is not the case. 
(2) We can see a fabric and have no idea what we can make out of, so we sometimes get a small quantity to test it out. 
For this reason, you can see some times coming back into stock.
Rare, but it happens.
It is just not our fabric that is sustainably sourced, but all of our accessories from the satin on the your reusable lace packaging to all of the buttons on your garments.
Those limited quantities of each fabric we receive in addition to the buttons and hems, we get to create unique limited edition sustainable pieces. 
You are different, and we want to celebrate that
Want to learn more on how we source our fabric? 
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Clara M.

Love all of the beautiful fabrics that you source! Makes Zakeia so special 😍🙌🏻

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