Zakeia is a high quality slow fashion brand, focusing on making you feel like Zakeia; simple, radiant and unique

Timeless Fashion

As a slow fashion brand, we put emphasis on the final quality of the product, much more than the time it takes producing it. As a result, we produce very limited amounts each month

The fabric is the essence of our brand, and due to sustainability reasons we source luxurious dead-stock fabric, hence the fabric inspires the design of the garment

Our designs are timeless and not trend driven, we want our customers to be able to style them infinite times, as well as pass them down

100% Ethical

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At Zakeia, we focus on natural, luxurious fabrics like silk and cotton

Our values continue into our packaging. We use beautiful, reusable lace bags to deliver your Zakeia items

Most importantly, to reduce stock waste every Zakeia item is made to order. We do not cut the fabric until the order is placed and are thereby also able to cater to all your wishes and make garment adjustments

How It Works?

Each Saturday at 12pm Cairo time our online store will welcome you with open arms. We realize weekly limited edition pieces and you will be able to shop them as long as they are available

We source limited amounts of fabric, so if an item is sold out, it means we have run out of fabric. But, keep an eye out for our drops as we may drop the same design in a different fabric

  • At Zakeia, we upcycle Parisian leftover haute couture fabric and give it a new life by creating unique limited edition pieces that celebrate your individuality

  • Each piece is hand-made to order by egyptian artisans in our atelier in Cairo

  • We give a second life to high quality haute couture fabric by creating unique limited edition designs that are made to last