Sustainability is embedded in our DNA 


The fashion industry is already the second most polluting industry in the world. About 85% of fabric waste is either burnt or tossed in landfills. Hence, tackling the waste issue whilst creating unique limited edition pieces resonated with Zakeia's core values.


We upcycle Parisian leftover haute couture fabric and give it a new life by creating unique limited edition pieces that celebrate your individuality. All of our accessories like buttons, hems, satin are either vintage or upcycled as well.

At Zakeia, we focus on natural, luxurious fabrics like silk and cotton.


Our values continue into our packaging. We use beautiful, reusable lace bags to deliver your Zakeia items.


Most importantly, to reduce stock waste every Zakeia item is made to order. We do not cut the fabric until the order is placed and are thereby also able to cater to all your wishes and make garment adjustments.